Button less Smartphone-Vivo Apex

Button less Smartphone-Vivo Apex

We are living in the great smartphone era. Here things tend to get cheesy by the minute due to different innovations popping up in smartphones. From bezel-less screens to foldable phones to 8-12 gigabytes of Ram along with on-screen fingerprint displays.

There is no doubt that technology in smartphones is increasing day by day. Every now and then, we get to see an advertisement regarding a smartphone brand introducing something new.

Such innovations are not only patented by large brands like Samsung or iPhone but also with brands like Xiaomi, Huawei, One+ and Vivo. Coming to Vivo, this brand has provided us with tons of new innovations. Now Vivo has introduced a new concept phone Vivo Apex.

This phone isn’t like everything out there. It’s totally different. It has NO HOLE, NO SIM TRAY, NO HEADPHONE JACK, and NO BUTTON. Everything this phone offers is unique. This blog here is to help you understand the new concepts of Button less Smartphone-Vivo Apex

So what is special about Vivo Apex?

Well to put it simply they got rid of all the buttons and ports a typical smartphone has. Keeping in mind that  Button less Smartphone-Vivo Apex is just concept phone and it might not be released for public use.

Full on-screen fingerprint scanner:

It comes with the technology of onscreen fingerprint scanner. You can unlock the screen by just placing your finger on any part of the screen. It works very fast other than any phone.

Sim and Networks:

It comes with the support of E-Sim. It has no physical sim port. It supports 5G technology also. It may sound unique to you. But this is what a concept phone offers. Storage and Specifications

VIVO Apex comes up with:

  •  12 Gbs of RAM and 512 GB of internal storage.
  •  There is a Snapdragon 855 processor.
  •  It comes with Software Android 9 (Pie).

Capacitive Buttons:

There are no mechanical/clicking buttons on the new Vivo Apex concept phone instead there are capacitive buttons. Touch areas on the side of the device which are able to read your fingerprints like any capacitive buttons we are used to. This would be our common input method in the new Button less Smartphone-Vivo Apex.

No ports:

There aren’t any ports on this concept phone. It seems kind of strange for those of you who are used to using your phones USB port. Instead, they have added an inductive magnetic charging port at the back. Just take the provided cable at the back and let it do its job. It will do the job of charging and data transfer.

The on-screen sound system:

In addition to no ports, there aren’t any sound ports either. Instead, Vivo has introduced the in-screen sound speakers which are actually quite good. The sound comes from within the screen which is quite loud and clear. You will feel a few vibrations while playing music.

Selfie Camera:

The most shocking feature in the Vivo Apex is that there is no front-facing camera in sight. This may be a nightmare for us but it kind of works. Like I’ve already said this is a concept phone so it depicts that what our life would be without a selfie camera.

My Opinion:

As of now, the Button less Smartphone-Vivo Apex hasn’t been listed out for sale. It is a CONCEPT Phone. Looking at what’s described above, the questions you have to ask yourself are.

“Are you ready to live a life with such phones?

“Are you ready to purchase phones with no selfie camera?”

“Are you one of the people who would want to take such great steps?”

Let us know in Comments. Thanks.

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