Best true wireless earbuds to buy in 2024-Buyer’s Guide

Will you really bother to use wired earphones in this era? The answer may lie in your particular preferences. Wires always make a mess and so they are not easy to handle. Wireless gadgets are more efficient than wired. Although we have to compromise with them on many features and especially on pricing tags.

Since the discovery of earphones, we have seen many phases of them. Like, first we had big headphones. And then we had wired earphones that could easily fit in our ears.

Best true wireless earbuds

And now we have tiny little earbuds that are completely wireless. In the starting, every headphone came with long wires which were equally good and bad at the same time for the user.

We had issues like junk wires, audio jack problems, hardware malfunctioning, and vice versa. Before you go for buying out wireless earbuds from the list of 10 best wireless earbuds in 2024, you need to clear your mind about them.

When this all started? A few years back when iPhone 7 was launched, it was without a headphone jack. This was the boldest step by any smartphone company at that time.

But after that, we have seen an unimaginable change in the trends of earphones. Every manufacturer started to introduce their own wireless headphones and earphones. Afterward, other smartphone companies also started to launch their flagships without a jack.

Being filled with all types of emotions, we need music close to our hearts and mind. For a workout, we need motivation. For running, we need a perfect companion. For talks, we need a noise-free conversation. That is why earphones are upgrading day by day to meet these specifications and requirements.

As every cloud has a silver lining. That’s why there are certain pros and cons of wireless earbuds too. I have listed these points after an extensive review of my list of the 10 best wireless earbuds in 2024. They will help you out while buying wireless earphones.


  • They are easy to carry.
  • They are efficient in their performance.
  • They have better active noise cancellation.
  • They can connect to every smartphone or any other smart device.


They may cost expensive than wired earphones.
They have batteries with a fixed usage capacity.

What is the difference between wireless and true wireless?

The difference is very basic. As both are basically wireless but in a true wireless earbud, there is no wire involved. Even an inch of wire is not provided with wireless earbuds. For example, Galaxy Buds are true wireless. The reason is that there are only two earbuds that can be controlled with gestures and buttons.

And rest is the charging case, where you put those earbuds for charging. As you can see that there is no wire with earbuds. And there is a Bluetooth connection of the earbuds with the device.

You only use a charging cable just to charge that charging case. But nowadays the charging cases can also be charged with wireless charging.

On the other hand, wireless earbuds are those that have their earbuds interconnected with wire. Their wire is short and slim. There is no audio jack in them and they too connect via Bluetooth with devices.

They don’t have any charging case because there is usually a neckband with them that is connected to the charger. Or in many cases, there is a battery attached to the wires which can be charged with the cable.

Here I have written a general review of the 10 best wireless earbuds in 2024. The list is short and simple to help you to choose the best. Every product mentioned in the list of 10 best wireless earbuds in 2024 is given a specific title to help you in picking up your desired product.

Best true wireless earbuds: A quick comparison:


  • Batterylife: 9 (hours)
  • Wireless Range: 10+ (meters)

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  • Batterylife: 6 (hours)
  • Wireless Range: 10+ (meters)

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  • Batterylife: 5 (hours)
  • Wireless Range: 40+ (meters)

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  • Batterylife: 7 (hours)
  • Wireless Range: 10+ (meters)

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  • Batterylife: 8 (hours)
  • Wireless Range: 10+ (meters)

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  • Batterylife: 10 (hours)
  • Wireless Range: 20+ (meters)

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  • Batterylife: 5 (hours)
  • Wireless Range: 10+ (meters)

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  • Batterylife: 8 (hours)
  • Wireless Range: 10+ (meters)

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  • Batterylife: 7.3 (hours)
  • Wireless Range: 10+ (meters)

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  • Batterylife: 6 (hours)
  • Wireless Range: 10+ (meters)

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1- JLab Epic Air Sport – “The Sports Pro”

  • Battery Life: 9 Hours
  • Wireless Range: 10+(meters)
  • Waterproof: IP66
  • Weight: 10(grams)
  • Compatibility: All Bluetooth Supported devices and operating systems.


  • Excellent battery life
  • Stability and durability of earbuds
  • Dual-purpose charging case
  • Responsive touch panel with sweaty and chalky hands
  • Fast Bluetooth 5.0
  • Very lightweight


Takes too much time to charge
Active noise cancelation is not that good

Detailed Review

JLab Epic Air Sport is a true wireless earbud. I have given it the title of the sports Pro in my list of 10 best wireless earbuds in 2024 due to the reason that it is best for athletes.

This doesn’t mean that you cannot use them if you are not an athlete. But just to emphasize their purpose, I have titled them “The Sports Pro”. They can easily fit into your ears and don’t fall out from your ears even when you are jumping. They are true wireless earbuds. They are water-resistant and sweatproof.

While riding a bike or running on a jogging track, they can be your one of the best companions.

Their design is very much comfortable for every sort of usage. There is a hook that can easily fit into your ears to provide extra stability. They can handle dust and water very easily as their waterproof rating is IP66.

Talking about the battery life where they also show their strength by giving 8 to 9 hours of battery life. Their power case has a battery of 2600 mAh. The wireless earbuds take 2.5 hours to charge.

The charging case requires 4 hours for a complete charge. In one full charge of charging case, you can easily charge earbuds for 4 to 5 times. That is why the battery is one of the best features of JLab Epic Air Sport.

While talking about their Bluetooth connection, they can quickly pair with your device quickly due to the Bluetooth 5 Technology. The connection remains stable even when you are outdoors. they provide you with almost 10 meters of wireless Range from your device.

The charging case serves a dual purpose to the users. you can charge your earbuds as well as your smartphone.

As the battery of the charging case is not that much bigger but still in any sort of emergency case you can easily charge a smartphone. Both of the earbuds have their own touch panel through which you can control them.

You can use the left earbud to decrease the volume, reverse track, access a voice assistant, and access EQ settings. You can use the right earbud to increase volume, skip tracks, pause, play music and control calls too.

The best part of their touch panel is that it is very responsive to sweaty and chalky hands. You can easily control it through the touch panel while playing any sort of sport. there are various ear tips of different sizes.

You can also exchange a silicon ear tip with memory foam tips but there is only one memory foam tip. JLab Epic Air Sport has good sound quality. Like, on a scale of 10, I will give a 9 to the sound quality. Their Bass is a little bit compromised but overall the sound experience is very good.

They lack active noise cancellation to some extent like filtering the low-end noises but you can prevent that by using different sizes of ear tips that can fit completely into your ears. there are 7 pairs of ear tips and one memory foam. But if any of the pairs don’t fit then you had to buy that from the third party.

Talking about the microphone, it works very well. The person on the other end of the call can hear you clearly without any complaint. They are compatible with all the latest devices as well as those which support Bluetooth.

Why should you buy JLab Epic Air Sport? If you are concerned with a dual-purpose charging case, fast Bluetooth 5.0 coma, IP66 rating, and excellent stability then you must go for them. they are mid-range as per their price. You can enjoy most of the features of expensive wireless earbuds in JLab Epic Air Sport.

2- Jaybird vista – “Allrounder”

  • Battery Life: 6 Hours
  • Wireless Range: 10+(meters)
  • Waterproof: IPX7
  • Weight: 4.8 (grams)
  • Compatibility: All Bluetooth Supported devices and operating systems.


  • Quick charging
  • Fast auto connection
  • The small and compact design of the earbuds and case too
  • Earbuds fit firmly
  • Sound Settings can be easily accessed with its own application


No buttons or panels to control volume and
tracks etc
The microphone could be improved

Jaybird Vista is one of the best true wireless earbuds. They have a compact design and easy fitting into your ears. They are sleek earbuds. They can be your partner for the gym because of their secure fitting into the ears.

You can also use them while running due to their good stability in your ears. If you are thinking of buying a Jaybird run then you should cancel your plan and go for Jaybird Vista. The reason is that the Jaybird run has many connections stability issues which was an uncompromisable issue. Jaybird Vista provides better connection stability.

These earbuds are round in shape with little curves. Wingtip sleeves are installed in them so that you can easily do your exercise without taking the tension of your earbuds from getting out.

Their tips are like nozzles that can easily go into your ears. for different sizes of ears, they may become painful after usage of more than 1 hour but it all depends on ear sizes. For many, they are the best fit too.

Each earbud has a button embedded with the logo of Jaybird. The button may create a problem for you if you press it while having earbuds in your ears. You can control wireless earbuds through Jaybird my sound application. you have to download the jaybird my sound app and you can then save the functionalities according to your comfort.

They are by default set on basic playback and call control settings that you can easily change through the jaybird my sound app. You can assign single- and double-tab functionality according to your choice.

You can update firmware, locate the earbuds, access EQ settings, and vice versa through the app. It all provides you with a better User experience with these wireless headphones.

Talking specifically about Jaybird Vista, you can use them as your workout headphones. Because the wingtip and ear tip maintain these earbuds in your ear. Whether you are climbing or biking

they will not shake even. They are given an IPX7 rating which means that they can withstand dust and water up to a certain limit but it is not suitable for swimming.

Talking about the battery life of these wireless earbuds, they provide a backup of nearly 6 hours. That is a very good backup while considering its size. Their charging cases are very compact and can easily fit in your pocket.

The charging case comes with USB-C support and takes up to 2 hours to get fully charged. you can charge your wireless earbuds twice in one complete charge of the case.

One of the best things is that it supports quick charging, like 5 minutes of charging in the case can provide you one hour of playback.

Talking about the Bluetooth connection then it is a little bit slow but once it is connected it goes on firmly. The best thing is that you can use one earbud independently which means both earbuds connect separately with your device.

Like many others, they provide 10 meters wireless range from your device. Talking about their sound quality on a scale of 10, I will give it 9.5 due to its excellent quality. Its sound is great and the bass is very good.

Although they are not made for active noise cancellation they do provide good noise cancellation. Low noises filtered out whether you are working out indoors or outdoors or you are in a controlled environment.

In the case of using only one earbud, you can hear your surrounding which is an obvious thing. jaybird provides you with only three pairs of ear tips from which you can choose the best which can fit in your ears.

The microphone works well but it is not up to the mark. The other person on the call with you can easily get distracted by your noisy environment. But overall if you use them in a controlled environment you are not going to have many problems.

Why you should buy Jaybird Vista?

if you consider using a modern design with a lightweight and IPX7 rating then you should go for Jaybird Vista. they are more stable and have good Bluetooth performance as compared to Jaybird Run.

Their price bracket is a little bit high but they are kept under the price bracket of 180 dollars. that is why due to a good backup, fitting, design, and durability, I have given them a title of an allrounder in my list of 10 best wireless earbuds in 2024

3- Airpods Pro – “Premium Earbuds”

  • Battery Life: 5 Hours
  • Wireless Range: 40+(meters)
  • Waterproof: IPX4
  • Weight: 5.4 (grams)
  • Compatibility: All Bluetooth Supported devices and operating systems.


  • Gestures control gives a premium feel
  • Battery life is great
  • Active noise cancellation works excellently
  • Fast connection without lags
  • Sound and call quality is impressive


Very expensive
Overpriced than other competitors

Detailed Review:

Apple launched AirPods Pro at the end of October. As there is always curiosity about every Apple product. so AirPods Pro was awaited by iPhone users for so long. Apple has taken this step very late but it is a good sign that Apple is trying to provide more features rather than giving a huge price tag to its products.

Airpods Pro has been designed very well in order to fit in-ear very comfortably. They can easily fit into your ears, not like previous Airpods Pro which used to slip out of ears.

There are three pairs of ear tips that Apple provides which vary in size; small, medium, and large.

The one that suits you will give you a premium experience with Airpods Pro. The earbuds stay in your ear and keep themselves secure in your ear. Due to this, you can have a better active noise cancellation experience.

I tested AirPods Pro very extensively in order to place them in my list of 10 best wireless earbuds in 2024. Because last year I had not included AirPods as they weren’t capable enough to be placed in my list.

The fact is that Apple has designed them basically for iPhone users. most of its features can only be experienced on iOS devices only. moreover, if your iPhone is updated with iOS 13, you can get access to more features.

There is a feature of a transparency mod that allows you to hear surrounding sounds without stopping your music. Like if you are talking with your friend then you can easily do a conversation without stopping or pausing the music.

Airpods Pro can be controlled by different gestures.

By long pressing, the stem will enable transparency mode. a single squeeze on the stem can pause or play music. Double squeeze the stem will skip to the next song.

Squeezing three times can skip two songs (one currently playing and the other is the next song after it). Just squeeze the stem once To attend the call. Again, squeeze for once if you want to cut the call while talking. Squeeze twice to decline or cancel the incoming call.

These gestures are initially difficult to remember. but as the person becomes used to them, they become easier to use. Connect them to your iPhone, if it is updated with iOS 13. put your earbuds in the charging case and place that case near your iPhone.

You need to turn on the case and open its mouth. you will see a message at the bottom of your iPhone screen which shows you some information while setting up for the first time. when you complete that setup, you will be shown the battery percentages of AirPods and the charging case.

The best thing is that you can go to the Bluetooth setting and from there tap on the “i” button in front of Airpods Pro. Now you can control transparency mode, active noise cancellation, and many more features.

You can use one of the earbuds independently by just setting your default earbud either left or right in the Bluetooth settings.

You can also connect AirPods Pro with Android smartphones by pairing them via Bluetooth settings. Close the charging case with earbuds in it and then press the button for charging for a few seconds. You can now easily pair by selecting the AirPods Pro option.

But you will not be able to experience many of the features which iPhone users can have. But that sound quality and active noise cancellation remains excellent whether you are on any device either iPhone or Android or any other. And their gestures remain the same while on Android too. This is the best thing about Airpods Pro.

The connection is very fast and it does not even lag whether you are using AirPods Pro on iPhone or Android.

Talking about the battery life of Airpods Pro, Apple has also improved its battery life. You can get around 4.5 to 5 hours of backup from earbuds on one charge. The charging case will give you enough charges so that you can charge them multiple times to enhance playback time.

You can also charge the case with Qi wireless charging. charging case can also be charged with a lightning cable. but the cable has USB-C on another side which can trouble you if you are not iPhone 11 owner. With iPhone 11 all Lightning cables come with USB-C.

so you can easily connect with the charging case by using the same adapter. But if you have not upgraded then there is the small issue of carrying the separated adapter for them. Talking about their sound quality, I was overwhelmed by experiencing Airpods Pro.

I will give 9.5 out of 10 to its sound quality and bass. As far as their active noise cancellation is concerned then they are very well-designed to cancel the noise. As I have earlier mentioned that they can easily fit into your ears without leaving any gap.

This leads it to give you very effective noise cancellation. The microphone is providing better call quality than the previous AirPods. They can also be used for workouts as they are sweatproof, water-resistant, and dustproof. their rating is IPX4 which is satisfactory but not up to the mark in that price tag.

Why you should buy AirPods Pro?

If you are an Android user and you want to have a premium experience of sound quality and features you can go for them. But in my opinion, there are many other good options available at this price tag of AirPods Pro.

if you are an iPhone user then I will recommend you buy them because if you love to be in the Apple ecosystem then you will have a great experience with them. Moreover, they sync with the iCloud id and you can use them with any other device with the same iCloud id.

4- Samsung galaxy buds – “budget king”

  • Battery Life:7 Hours
  • Wireless Range: 10+(meters)
  • Waterproof: IPX2
  • Weight: 5.6 (grams)
  • Compatibility: All Bluetooth Supported devices and operating systems.


  • Call quality is excellent
  • Very lightweight
  • Reasonable price tag
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connection
  • Impressive noise cancellation than other competitors in respective price tag


The design is not up to the mark
More Gestures control could be included

Detailed Review:

The Samsung Galaxy Buds were a treat for the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ plus owners. As they were included in the boxes for free of cost with the flagship device. these wireless earbuds can be categorized as budget-friendly. so, do they justify their price tag also?

They can be used by Android users as well as iOS users too. In the box of Galaxy Buds, there are three pairs of silicone ear tips and wingtips, a charging case of 252 mAh, and a USB-C cable.

The wingtips allow a secure fit in your ears. The size of the ear tips may vary for different sizes but you can also buy ear tips from a third party. This is for the case if the default sizes don’t fit in your ears. They do resemble Jaybird Vista in their design.

They are placed in a $100 price tag without compromising any notable feature.

Their body is designed in such a way to give around a triangular shape. They have touch panels on each earbud like many others. You can control calls and playback through the touch panels.

Virtual assistant access and ambient sound mode (a feature like noise cancellation) can also be controlled through touch panels. Samsung provides the Galaxy wearable application through which you can customize left and right ear panel control.

If you want to control ambient sound mode from the touch panel of the left earbud and Google Assistant from the right earbud. you can set up these options through the application.

You can also choose EQ settings to set up them according to your requirements. Moreover, this application provides you with many other features like “find my earbud” and vice versa.

You cannot control the volume directly from the touch panels of your earbuds.

They are given an IPX2 rating which means that they are not good at water resistance. So, while working out heavily they can create some problems for you. While touch panels don’t create any problems.

Talking about the battery life the Samsung Galaxy Buds provides you with six hours of backup on a single charge. the charging case Can add up to 7 hours of playback time to the earbuds.

A 10 minutes charge in the case can provide a 1-hour playback time to the Samsung galaxy buds. The charging case is slim and has LED indicators for the battery level. The charging case also supports wireless charging. Charging cases can be charged with a USB-C cable.

Talking about the connection of the Galaxy Buds, they too support Bluetooth 5.0 which gives a stable connection. The connection creates problems for you while you are outdoors but in a closed environment, it works pretty well. Samsung can improve this issue through its software up-gradation.

Talking about the sound quality, I will give 8.8 out of 10 to the sound and bass. There are two microphones integrated into galaxy buds to improve noise cancellation and better call quality. Their noise cancellation was good as per the price tag. The call quality is very impressive as it tries to cancel all the extra noise.

Why should you buy Samsung galaxy buds?

If you are an Android user and especially you are Samsung Galaxy flagship owners then you must buy it. because it is very comfortable to use with them.

On the other hand, the price tag is very reasonable and justified. so overall, they are the best option in the mid-range. This is why I have titled it “budget king” in my list of 10 best wireless earbuds in 2024

5- Klipsch T5 Unique Design

  • Battery Life: 8 Hours
  • Wireless Range: 10+(meters)
  • Waterproof: IPX4
  • Weight: 5.6 (grams)
  • Compatibility: All Bluetooth Supported devices and operating systems.


  • The stylish design of the earbuds and case
  • Long Battery life
  • The sound quality is good
  • Call quality is very clear
  • More functionalities in their buttons


The charging case is heavy
The connection is not stable

Detailed Review:

Klipsch T5 is a true wireless earbud with a very stylish metallic charging case. The case opens like a Zippo lighter. Earbuds have a compact design and easy fitting into your ears. They have long nozzles like ear tips.

The good thing is that the sound goes directly into your canal. And ear tips are rounded, so they didn’t cause any pain. Eartips comes up with 3 pairs of different sizes to fit in your ear. There is no wingtip to hold these earbuds in your ear. But they still fit in your eats with the right pair of ear tips.

Klipsch T5 is given IPX4 for water resistance which clearly tells that they can withstand water as well as sweat. You can use them in rainy weather too. Due to the lack of wingtips, they may not be the best fit during a workout. But if you are doing a light workout or Yoga etc., they may give you a soothing pleasure.

Both earbuds have buttons embedded with the Klipsch logo. You can receive/decline calls through these buttons. when you press the left button once, you can access the voice assistant. You can pause or play the song by pressing the right button for once.

You can skip backward or forward by double-pressing the left or right button. You cannot control Eq settings with these buttons. But Klipsch will launch its app this year to give you more access to customize these wireless earbuds.

Moreover, you can control the volume while listening to music by pressing the left or right buttons once.

You can use these earbuds independently. In that case, their functionality changes. The single press can play or pause the music, and also receive or decline the call. Long-press can activate voice assistant. While you have to change the volume directly from your phone. Or maybe you can ask your voice assistant to control the volume of the music.

Talking about the battery life of these wireless earbuds, they provide a backup of nearly 7 to 8 hours. This is a plus point as many other biggies don’t have that much backup.

The charging case can prolong its playback time by up to 24 hours. The case provides quick charging to wireless earbuds. you can get up to 2 hours of playback with 15 minutes of charge.

The charging case can be charged with a USB-C cable. Their connection stability is not very good compared to all. They do create delay while pairing for the first time. And they also drop out but this happens very less.

Although this issue is serious still, we can tolerate this because it’s not as bad as other people portray. But there may be hardware malfunction involved in this case. As you can exchange them if they do create more problems.

Talking about their sound quality, I will give them 8.5 out of 10 on the basis of sound and bass. It was good as compared to its price tag competitors. As far as the microphone is concerned, it cancels out the maximum noise it can but low-end noise is rarely skipped. the other person can hear your vocals clearly. Thus, it provides a better call quality than most of the others in that price range.

Why you should buy Klipsch T5?

If you want to try some unique designs for earbuds as well as for cases then you can consider this. They sound good due to their fit in the design. They have more button controls than its competitors, which is a big plus point.

If Klipsch will focus on connectivity issues then they will be the best choice in the mid-range. That is why it was one of my toughest decision to include them in my list of 10 best wireless earbuds in 2024.

6- JBL reflect flow – “battery king”

  • Battery Life: 10 Hours
  • Wireless Range: 20+(meters)
  • Waterproof: IPX7
  • Weight: 34 (grams)
  • Compatibility: All Bluetooth Supported devices and operating systems.


  • Huge battery life
  • Good sound quality
  • Waterproof
  • Call quality is clear
  • Lightweight earbuds


Very fewer options in the button control
A micro USB cable for charging

Detailed Review:

JBL has had a good reputation for making wireless headphones over the years. Just like many other products this, time JBL has introduced a true wireless earbud with a huge battery. It is small in size, and can easily fit in ears depending on the size of the ear tip that you may choose.

It comes off with two pairs of tips and wingtips. wingtips can make these birds settle in your ears easily. But they may not be more appropriate to use them while running because they usually get out of the years and you need to constantly put them inside the ears. Their ear tips are nozzle-like. JBL Reflect flow can seal the ear very easily.

There are buttons to control settings. In the left earbud, you can double-press the button to skip the song to the next one. You can activate ambient aware mode from the left earbud with one press. On the other hand, the right earbud has a button too.

To activate any assistant voice assistant, you have to press it two times. You have to press it one time in order to play or pause the music. while having an incoming call you can press the button one time in order to pick up the call and you can cut the call in the same way.

JBL reflects flow lack features like volume control two and going to the previous song. Sometimes it feels uncomfortable to press a button that presses your inner ear which becomes painful.

A question that is frequently asked is “Which wireless earbuds have the best battery life?”. Here lies your answer. Battery backup is one of the main highlighted features of this wireless earbud.

They provide up to 10 hours of battery backup on one charge.

They are supported by fast charging also. The charging case increases the battery time up to 30 hours of playback for wireless earbuds. ten minutes of charging in the case can provide up to 1-hour playback time to the earbuds.

Their charging case does Support wireless charging. there is a USB micro cable provided to charge the case. This was a disappointing issue as its competitors are providing USB C cables for charging cases.

They provide fast Bluetooth 5.0 to provide a stable connection. They can be tested up to long Ranges as compared with any other wireless earbuds. With an IPX7 rating for water resistance, they can withstand sweat also. they might become your yoga companion but for running and hardcore workouts they are not very suitable.

Talking about their sound quality, I will give 9 out of 10 to their sound and bass. The microphone tries to cancel out maximum noise up to certain levels. They have a satisfactory active noise cancellation but are not up to the mark as per their price tag. The call quality is also very clear.

Why you should buy JBL reflect flow?

if you are looking for a long backup then JBL reflects flow is made for you. Moreover, their sound quality is very good. Their comfort may not be up to the mark but you can compromise that issue.

Their price tag is a little bit too high. I hope you have been able to find out the answer to “Which wireless earbuds have the best battery life?” in this review. Overall, I have titled JBL reflect flow as “battery king” in my list of 10 best wireless earbuds in 2024 due to huge battery timing.

7- Sony WF-1000XM3 – “The Sound Master”

  • Battery Life: 5 Hours
  • Wireless Range: 10+(meters)
  • Waterproof: NO
  • Weight: 17 (grams)
  • Compatibility: All Bluetooth Supported devices and operating systems.


  • Best sound and call quality
  • Active noise cancellation is excellent
  • Nonbulky premium design
  • Battery life is great
  • Gestures and sensors work impressively


Not waterproof
The price is a little bit too high

Detailed Review:

Sony WF-1000XM3 is designed for you if you are a music lover. It satisfies the answer to a frequently asked question “Which true wireless earbud is best in sound?” so my list of 10 best wireless earbuds in 2024 is incomplete without them. They are true wireless and their design is very much compact. They waited for a long due to the reputation of SONY in giving out the

best sound. These Wireless earbuds come out with various pairs of ear tips which provide you a variety to choose the best that can fit. There is no wingtip to grip them in the ears, but the size of ear tips overcomes this issue.

They are not bulky like other premium wireless earbuds do. They don’t cause pain in your ears. You can easily wear them for hours.

There are touch panels on each of the earbuds. You can control noise cancellation and Ambient mode by double-tapping the left touch panel.

Sony I headphones connect app gives you access to customize touch panels as per your comfort. You can control EQ settings and active noise cancellation through the application.

Sony WF-1000XM3 supports Bluetooth 5.0 and NFC connection as well.

They build a very fast connection with the device. Whenever you open the lids, they connect automatically. They have the most stable connection after AirPods Pro. Both of the wireless earbuds are neck-to-neck in this feature.

Their battery life is impressive. You can get 4.5 to 5 hours of battery backup in one full charge. They support fast charging in this case, as 10 minutes of charging can give you 1.5 hours of playback.

The wireless earbuds can be charged three times in one full charge of the case. It takes almost 1.5 hours to charge your earbuds and 3.5 hours to charge the case.

Just like AirPods, they have sensors to automatically play or pause the song. If you are listening to music and you remove one of the earbuds, then it will pause the song. And when you put it back, the song will play again. This is a really cool feature.

One of the features that disappointed me was that Sony WF-1000XM3 is not waterproof. as SONY hasn’t focused on providing a little bit of that feature. This clearly means that it is not workout friendly. But over all other features overcome this issue very decently.

They have the best Sound quality then. I will rate them 9.8 out of 10 on sound and bass. Active noise cancellation works great, better than AirPods Pro. They completely vanish the high-end noises.

And they are very effective for low-end noise cancellation. They have dual microphones that cancel out almost all noise to give you excellent call quality. They feel like just sitting beside your friend and having a conversation.

Why you should buy Sony WF-1000XM3?

You must go for them for the love of Sound to its core. They cost less than AirPods Pro. Their design is premium. They are not bulky. But if want to buy them for a workout or for any sports, then you must not buy them.

8- Creative Outlier Air “Decent Design”

  • Battery Life: 8 Hours
  • Wireless Range: 10+(meters)
  • Waterproof: IPX5
  • Weight: 10(grams)
  • Compatibility: All Bluetooth Supported devices and operating systems.


  • Stable Bluetooth 5.0 connection
  • Long Battery life and portable case
  • Good sound and call quality
  • USB-C charging is fast
  • Performs very well even separately
  • Waterproof


Lacks active noise cancellation
A little bit of force is required to press their

Detailed Review:

Creative outlier air is true wireless with a very decent design. They are small and compact like few others in my list of 10 best wireless earbuds in 2024. The ear tips are small by default.

You can choose the best size which can fit easily in your ears. They appeared to be slippery in the first interaction but after a few minutes, they got adjusted easily. Although there is no hook or wingtip to hold them securely inside their ears. They do bear water due to the IPX5 rating.

This means that you can use them during a workout. But one important thing is that you should wait for them to get dry. And if you put them inside without getting them dry then it will damage the magnetic pins inside the case.

These wireless earbuds have buttons to control call, volume, and voice assistant functionalities. Although it would be a great deal if they would’ve been replaced by a touch panel.

There is a little bit of difficulty in pressing these buttons. Sometimes this process gets painful if you have A very busy day.

Talking about creative outlier air battery timing, they can easily compete with others in this scenario. They can give up to 8 hours of battery backup in one full charge. You can easily charge your

wireless earbuds for twice in one full charge of their case. Their charging case only takes 2 hours to get fully charged. They are given USB-C support.
They can connect separately with your device. You can use either left or right as your primary unit.

They don’t drop out connection with your device as many other dos. This is a very good feature in this price tag. They support Bluetooth 5.0 within a wireless range of about 10 meters.

Again, it is very impressive to get a very stable connection. Their sound quality is very impressive. I rate that 8.6 out of 10 in sound and bass. In a controlled environment, they perform very well. But they are not as good in noisy environments.

This is clear that they lack excellent noise cancellation. But increasing the volume can solve that issue. Although hearing loud music can harm your hearing power but there are few instances where they lack noise cancellation.

They provide good sound quality from both earbuds. They have separate inline microphones in them. This helps others to clearly focus on your voice. But it is not as good as other big competitors. But they perform very well than other competitors under the $80 price tag.

Why you should buy creative outlier air?

If you consider a true wireless earbud with almost all the features that other big competitors provide then they are for you. You can use them for a workout as well. Their price tag is well-defined. They are designed decently. Their case is slim and portable. Their extended battery life is one of the highlighted features.

9- Edifier TWS1 – “Low budget winner”

  • Battery Life: 7.3 Hours
  • Wireless Range: 10+(meters)
  • Waterproof: IPX5
  • Weight: 4.5 (grams)
  • Compatibility: All Bluetooth Supported devices and operating systems.


  • Affordable due to low price
  • Long battery life
  • Stable Bluetooth 5.0 connection
  • Water resistance
  • Touch panel instead of a button.
  • Sound quality is far better than call quality


No fast charging
Miro USB port in charging case

Detailed Review:

As an answer to one common question “Which is the best lowest budget true wireless earbud? This Edifier TWS1 is truly a wireless earbud within the lowest budget in my list of 10 best wireless earbuds in 2024.

Their body is made of fine plastic that gives you a glossy finish. Their ear tips are very comfortable to fit in. Usually, these wireless earbuds come in three basic sizes (small, medium, and large). they can fit in almost every size of ear. Although there is no wingtip in them that’s not a problem. Their design is very catchy.

these wireless earbuds have touch panels instead of a button. This is a great deal if we consider their price.

Edifier TWS1 has touch panels on each earbud. Their touch panel is not as good as mid-rangers, but this issue is not our concern. The touch panel gives almost all basic functionalities.

We cannot expect a very responsive touch panel at this price tag. Moreover, they can withstand dust and water also. Their rating is IPX5 which is still very impressive in this budget. This means that you can take them for a workout without much tension.

The touch panel does respond well even with chalky hands. These wireless earbuds support Bluetooth 5.0 which provides you a fast connection with your device. They lack multi-connection functionality for more than one device.

They maintain a stable connection within a wireless range of 10 meters. They can give you a battery backup of up to 7.3 hours which is quite impressive in this budget. They can charge completely in 1.5 hours as they do not support fast charging.

Their case is simple and provides a full-day backup. They may lack LEDs in order to let you know about the battery level. The case has a micro USB port which clearly shows that fast charging is not available.

Their sound quality is very impressive if you consider this low-price tag. I will give them 8.4 out of 10 on sound and bass. This clearly shows that they do lack active noise cancellation up to some extent.

But as compared to other competitors, it cancels more noise than them. The sound quality is one of the compromised features in them. Although their microphone tries to provide a better call experience sometimes your voice becomes unnatural for others.

There is a microphone in the left earbud only. This is obvious that you cannot use them independently for that purpose.

Why you should buy Edifier TWS1?

Their price is low but hats off to Edifier for keeping the concerns over the main features. Sound quality, battery timing, water resistance, and connection stability are some of its highlighted features.

You cannot expect this much from other low budgets’ true wireless earbuds. that’s why I have included them in my list of 10 best wireless earbuds in 2024.

10- Jaybird Tarah Low Budget

  • Battery Life: 6 Hours
  • Wireless Range: 10+(meters)
  • Waterproof: IPX7
  • Weight: 141(grams)
  • Compatibility: All Bluetooth Supported devices and operating systems.


  • Waterproof
  • Sound and call quality is good
  • Default Eartips fit in easily
  • Lightweight
  • Battery life is good


Without carrying case
Less variety of ear tips and hooks

Detailed Review:

Like their earlier products, Jaybird always makes a difference in their products. Being reputed as one of the best earphone manufacturers, they had launched the wireless Jaybird Tarah. These are not true wireless earphones, but I had to put them in my list of 10 best wireless earbuds in 2024 as far as their features are concerned.

Back in 2018 when I used Jaybird X3 wireless earphones, I was very impressed by the widest range, praiseworthy battery life, and fantastic sound quality. But after that, I was not impressed with any other Jaybird x series. This Jaybird Tarah is a type of upgraded X4 and it is better than the latter.

They have a very much alike design to Jaybird x3. A nozzle ear tip and a hook to fit in your ear. They can withstand shocks easily. They are sweatproof and waterproof as per the IPX7 rating.

You can take them to the gym if you can cope with tiny short wires. There are only 3 sizes (large, small, and medium) of ear tips offered to them. There is no variety of hooks and no carrying case too.

There are three buttons on the module. You can easily control music and calls by pressing them. The plus button is used to increase volume and to skip the song forwards if you hold it long.

The minus button is used to decrease the volume and to go back to the previous song by pressing for a long. The button in the middle is for multi-purpose. You can play or pause music, can receive or decline a call by pressing it once. You can also access voice assistants through these buttons too. The buttons are slightly big in size so that one can easily access them.

Jaybird My Sound application facilitates you to customize sound according to your preferences. You can control EQ settings too. The shape of the module is square-like. Talking about battery life, they provide you with nearly 6 hours of battery life on one charge.

They do support fast charging, as 10 minutes of charging can last for 1 hour. They maintain a stable connection via Bluetooth. There is no issue in pairing them. They automatically pair when turned on.

Their sound quality is almost good. I will rate them 8.3 out of 10 for sound and bass. Their active noise cancellation is enhanced due to their fit in the design. They give you a less noisy experience than other wireless (non-true) earbuds. Their inline microphone gives a clear vocal quality to another person on call.

Why should you buy a Jaybird Tarah?

If you consider a low-budget sporty earphone then you may buy them. They are for those who can compromise with wires but wants a wireless connection. As they are not completely wireless but if you want then you can go for true wireless JLab Epic Air sport. Overall jaybird Tarah is impressive under the $90 price tag.

Buyer’s guide:

You can have some difficulty choosing the best product for you. For that purpose, here is the buyer’s guide for you. As you can definitely see that I have picked those wireless earbuds for my list of 10 best wireless earbuds in 2024 that can make your decision easy.

1- Budget

It is the first and foremost thing to consider. Make a range of your budget. Low budget range ($20-$50), midrange ($80-$150), high budget ($160-$200), and premium ($200-$250), may vary according to your own analysis. A well-defined can help you a lot in making a decision.

2- Wireless or True Wireless

This depends on your preference. Either you want wired but wireless earphones that are without an audio jack or any hardware connection. Or you want only true wireless earphones without an inch of wire too. Both connect through Bluetooth connection.

The only thing that differentiates them is a piece of small wire. Wireless earphones are definitely weighing more than true wireless. but in the end, it is your own choice.

Top 10 best wireless earbuds in 2020

3- Battery life

When you choose wireless earphones then you definitely have to compromise on battery life. They need to be charged regularly. This is one of the advantages that wired earphones have over wireless earphones. When you choose wireless earphones, you have to charge them directly with chargers. They may or may not support fast charging.

But when it comes to truly wireless earbuds, you have an extra advantage regarding battery life. As wireless earbuds come with a charging case. You need to put your wireless earbuds in order to charge them. You can even get
fast charging within their cases too. While using earphones, you can charge your case in order to get an extra battery backup.

4- Design/shape

There are basically three designs for earphones; In-ear, on-ear, and over-the-ear.


These earphones are designed to fit inside your ear. they can be nozzle shaped or not, but they fit in your ears easily. They are easy to carry. They are lightweight. they can be used for a long time in one go, for example, you can put them easily for 6-8 hours consecutively without having any.

You can use them while working out, jogging, and any other physical sports. They provide extra active noise cancellation than the other two shapes. Wireless earphones have an in-ear design.


These headphones cover your earlobe. They are heavy. They are not easy to carry all the time. These headphones lack active noise cancellation due to the tiny gaps between the foam of these headphones and your ear.

you can not wear them for long due to their weight. they are mostly used in offices. you can easily wear them while working and so you can hear your colleagues too. You cannot use them during any physical sports. They are mostly used by employees in call centers.


These headphones cover your whole ear to provide you with the best experience of music. They are heavier than the latter two designs. They offer you maximum active noise cancellation.

They are definitely big in size. You cannot use them for any physical workout. They are mostly used by DJs and sound creators. Just like on-ear headphones, you cannot wear them for long.

5- Drivers

This is a hardware unit inside earphones that produce sound. An earphone with more drivers or large drivers can give you better sound. Headphones have large drivers in them as compared to earphones. But you can experience better sound in earphones too due to advancements in this technology.

6- Build Quality

If you are choosing a wireless earphone then you should choose the one with thick wire. Then you should consider the material from which it is made. While choosing true wireless earbuds, you have to look for the build quality of both earbuds and their charging case too. Build quality depends on your budget too. You can compromise build quality for the price but not for sound quality.

Final words:

People do have bad experiences on an individual level. This doesn’t mean that the specific product is not worthy. People have their own comfort levels. While reviewing these 10 best wireless earbuds in 2024, I experienced many damaged pieces but I exchanged them and got the new one.

It all depends on the service quality of that seller. But the features of that product remain the same. I recommend you to stay calm if you had a bad experience.

Because that’s all are meant to be your learning towards a healthy experience. Because you cannot differentiate between good and bad without knowing what is bad.

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