Top 10 best portable power banks of 2019

Best portable power banks are a list that everybody needs these days. Ever since power banks got introduced they have become the saviors for all those who rely on their phones for every single thing that they do causing greater battery drainage and no matter how good the battery is, you need to top it up every once and a while and for that.

You need one of the top portable power banks! Whether it is to provide power for your Apple or Android device, top portable power banks go a long way into making it happen.

The 10 best portable power banks of 2020 need to be a lot of things to fit in the perfect emergency situation but the main attractions when buying the power bank is:

  •  Battery Capacity
  •  Charge Capacity

Amazon has filled easily with the best portable power banks  that one needs and finding the most perfect one can be a bit of a hassle, so to make your job easy.

Here is a compiled list of of the 10 best portable power banks of 2020 and these are the power banks that you should be needing and definitely should be buying based on the above categories.

1.ANKER POWERCORE 10000: The All-Rounder

Top 10 best portable power banks of 2019

Anker is an industry leader when it comes to smartphone accessories and among the top best portable power banks of 2020.

The list is just another example of its profound existence in the market and how much customers rely on them for the most trustworthy quality products.

The power core 10,000, as part of the name, has a battery capacity of 10,000MAH which might be a moderate value but that’s not what Anker takes pride in.

Anker makes sure that you and your devices are safe with their certified safe technology known as Anker’s Multi protect the system. This ensures that there is no current overflow.

Available in multiple colors is just an added benefit of this portable power bank.

Charging at 2A is quite sufficient for the fulfillment of daily needs and the small dimensions make it compact and easier to have with you.

Not only does this offer portability but also accessibility and functionality by having ports to charge both iPhones and Android devices and that alone is a salient feature to get this product.

  •  Moderate 10,000MAH capacity
  •  compact
  • multiple colors
  • Charge capacity is very average

2.INIU PORTABLE CHARGER: The Flashiest of them all!

Top 10 best portable power banks of 2019

This time, it is a rather surprise power bank entry. INIU is a company that has tried in many different segments of the smartphone industry but might have just found their mettle and quickly become one of those producing devices which are part of the best portable power banks.

Despite having a blocky plain black design, the paw notification light is just enough to make it flashy and standout.

At 4A output, this is amongst the best when it comes to current supply making the charge quicker and another 10,000MAH is the sweet spot for battery capacities of power banks.

Add-on features like a flashlight is always welcome in such devices and have the option of multiple charge points are an added bonus too!.
  • 4 Amperes impressive current output
  •  addons like flashlight
  •  very compact
  • 3-year technical support
  • Lack of a proper safety feature for devices


Top 10 best portable power banks of 2019

It is a beast! As simple as that. Having one of the top portable power banks  that pumps out 26,800MAH battery capacity to your devices are a must-have for all the phone and laptop geeks out there.

Charging at a very stable 3A, keeping the devices secure and adding in USB-C charging, micro-USB charging makes it a complete monster of a power bank!

Forget phones, this little fella is going to help you charge your compatible laptops, that’s how fulfilling the capacity is

Having so much power on your side as one downside: the size of the power bank. The device is bulky and heavy and you wouldn’t want it to get into your pockets, rather would have it in your laptop bag.

Otherwise, charging is very satisfying as it is able to top up phones without any worry and having a separate USB-C button to enable C charging is a good touch that Anker added into this device.

  • Massive 26,800 MAH capacity
  • Multiple charge ports
  •  30W USB-C output
  • Bulky and overweight
  •  not exactly ‘portable’


Top 10 best portable power banks of 2019

Anker plays different cards when it comes to power banks and each one of them has a unique aspect to it when it comes to satisfying the consumer needs.

This time, the aim was to get a power bank that would be fulfilling more than just the daily needs and making it lighter and compact.

What they achieved has appeared as the Powercore 20,100 which draws the line between having to have a bulky massive power bank for more power or to have a compact one with barely any power at all.

Deservedly ranked as one of the 10 best portable power banks of 2020 just weighs 12.5oz! When providing 20,000 MAH one wonders how Anker made that possible and it is truly a massive feat.

Available in all the colors you could ask for and having the Anker custom technologies like the PowerIQ and VoltageBoost for faster and safer charging of the devices and you are in for the perfect a power bank that successfully finds the middle-ground!
  •  Compact and Lightweight
  •  Massive 20,000 MAH Battery Capacity
  •  Custom tech for safer and faster charging
  •  Poor design
  •  Takes up to 10 hours to recharge

5.ANKER POWERCORE 5000: The most compact power bank!

Top 10 best portable power banks of 2019

How about a power bank which is a cylinder that looks like a car cigarette lighter? Anker has gone the compact way and produced another fine and top portable power bank.

At this point, you would have guessed that this would not be having much capacity and you would be right because it contains a measly 5000MAH battery and a single charging point for that matter.

Remarkably small, this ultra-compact power bank would be charging at 2A and don’t expect charges of more than one device. The design is a positive aspect of the power bank, allowing the power bank to be in your pocket or your bag and you wouldn’t even feel the weight.

  • Ultra-lightweight and compact
  •  High-speed charging with POWER IQ tech from Anker
  •  Cylindrical design for ease of carrying around
  • Extremely low capacity
  •  Only one charging port


Top 10 best portable power banks of 2019

What differentiates Auker and Anker is the mere difference of a letter and similar things could be said about their approach to power banks.

Offering a 10,000MAH battery to charge from and multiple charge points are something that we have already seen in the Anker models.

What Auker does differently is with some Adaptive charging features which are meant to protect devices and to prevent any overheating scenarios.

  • Battery capacity is sufficient
  • Safeguards for protection of devices
  •  Minimalist design and notification light
  • The total power output of only 15W


Top 10 best portable power banks of 2019

Well, its good to see a company other than Anker, trying hard to establish itself into the power bank market.

The high-density battery cells used in this power bank are the ones from the Tesla Model 3, which assures the best quality and the safest charge transfer from the list assuring that your battery stays healthy and lasts longer, for longer.

At 2.4A, the charge capacity might be less compared to others on the list but it holds its own when it comes to performance because of the cells within the power bank making it possible for the power bank to operate better than expected. This definitely ranks among the 10 best portable power banks of 2020!

  •  Premium quality charging
  •  10,000MAH battery capacity
  •  Compact design
  • Bulky and unattractive design


Top 10 best portable power banks of 2019

Ravpower is among the upcoming companies that are trying to make a name in the accessories industry. Charging 3 devices simultaneously is a great feature to have when you have multiple devices at your disposal.

RAVPOWER is getting the deserved attention with its power banks and they should be as they are able to pack 26,800MAH.

However, one let down seems to be the charging time which is 15 hours but when you have a device packing so much power and giving so many incentives, this seems to be a catch that should be ignored.

  •  Massive battery capacity
  •  Charging multiple devices simultaneously
  • Does not support quick charging
  •  The block design is unattractive


Top 10 best portable power banks of 2019

RAVpower is a company that has been slowly making rounds across the power bank market and as a newcomer, the impact that it had, it deserves to be in the list for best portable power banks.

Taking some positive cues from Anker, it addresses quite the many concerns of power bank users which include a variety of colors to choose from, a massive 16750MAH battery tank and multiple devices charging with added bonuses like a flashlight and a cool indicator of battery level.

In its usage, it is a classy metallic frame with enough capacity to be useful on a long trip but not heavy as to become cumbersome to hold when present in one’s hands.

RAVpower has achieved a nice blend of power and style without compromising too much. That’s why it placed itself in my list of 10 best portable power banks of 2020.

  • Adequate battery capacity at 16750MAH
  • Multiple color options
  •  flashlight option
  •  sleek metallic design
  •  Does not support quick charging
  •  Current output maxes out at 2A


Top 10 best portable power banks of 2019

What more can be said about Anker at this point? They are a company that is established in this sector and has successfully developed technologies that help in the charging of devices making the process faster and more secure.

The POWERIQ and VOLTAGEBOOST technology work together to provide seamless performance when it comes to charging devices and using the two high-speed ports which enable quick charging at up to 3A is a great feature to have.

At 13,600, the capacity is moderate enough to last a while and not so much that it makes the device bulky and heavy. All-in-all it is a great option for the consumers who want one of the long-lasting best portable power banks of 2020.

  •  Upgraded capacity to 13,600MAH’
  •  Latest Anker technologies supported for safer charging
  •  compact and lightweight
  •  Charging devices simultaneously
  • Not the best of designs
  • An upgraded model should have had an even better charge output

Final Conclusion:

Well, this is the list of the 10 best portable power banks. It includes power banks of all types, ranging from the compact to huge sizes, from mediocre capacities to ultimate capacities.

Anker has been dominating the market for quite some time but it is good to see other companies taking different routes to challenge Anker and kick them off their perch.

With premium-quality battery cells and adding more customizations this could be more of a competition and next time the list for the 10 The best portable power banks would probably look different.

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