The iPhone series for 2020 has been quite impressive especially when it comes to cameras and the price tag that goes along is a very handsome one too.

In such cases, you would need one of the cases from best cool cases for the iPhone 11 series, no matter which of the phones from the iPhone series you have.

The best cool cases for the iPhone 11 series are carefully selected to give you the best protection from drops and added utilities.

The best cool cases for the iPhone 11 series  might cost you a little more than the conventional ones but the guarantee of your iPhone in safe hands such as any of the best cool cases for iPhone 11 series, is a guarantee that you’d love to have!

Some of the best cool cases for the iPhone 11 series are even up for discounts to select your favorite and buy it quickly from Amazon! Here are the best cool cases for iPhone 11 series.


Cases are just as important as the phone itself and MIRACASE knows it. Being able to have uninterrupted wireless charging along with the sturdy silicon casing that is soft to the touch and hard enough on impact you have yourself the perfect combination in a case.

The casing comes in at a whopping 2.3mm compared to 1.8mm in other cases and that alone can be a sign of the reliability of the case.

It also has contours allowing it to prevent the bulging camera at the back preventing the phone from laying flat on the table. Miracle has a lot of confidence in its product and offers 360 days of warranty and refund!

  •  only $14
  •  2.3mm thicker case
  •  1mm lip design to protect the phone from unwanted scratches
  •  360 days of refund and warranty


Ounne has adopted a 360-degree protection mechanism so that not only can you feel safe with the back of the phone, but the front is equally protected.

The sides are covered with strong materials to prevent any corner scratches and the back remains transparent so that you can show off your iPhone 11 in all its glory.

The buttons are tactile and it supports all the sensors so that you have an uninterrupted experience with your phone. Truly, a deserves the best cool case for iPhone 11 series contender.

  •  360 degree protection
  •  wireless charging supported


It looks like armor, feels like one, and offers the same degree of protection! The surprise unicorn looks stealthy and has a built-in screen protector to cover all bases. Detachable swiveling belt clip holster for convenient, hands-free, pocket-free carrying.

The case also has a built-in kickstand. Even with all the layers of protection, it still supports wireless charging.

Winner of the CNET’S annual “Best Case Scenario” drop test and it has all the credentials for being in the best cool cases for the iPhone 11 series as well.

  •  top credentials
  •  does not compromise the touch sensitivity
  •  supports wireless charging


Another one with a similar aim, but this one is from SPIGEN, the undisputed leader in smartphone cases and well that says a lot about the quality of its products.

Just like its other products, the Spigen rugged armor also offers a flexible TPU case with a spider-web pattern which makes your iPhone look slick!

At only $12, with the latest Amazon discounts, be sure to check this one out and buy it because it ticks all the boxes that a case needs to get into our best cool cases for the iPhone 11 series!

  •  Air cushion technology for shock absorption
  •  carbon fiber attractive design
  •  Matte black


This case is like no other! the styling that has been done on in the is just amazing. Extremely reflective, and at the same time presents a tint that looks beautiful, to say the least.

It has added a rubberish bumper to each corner of the case to protect it from all kinds of falls and your shiny phone will be scratch-proof as long as you keep this one, well, that’s exactly what the BEST COOL CASES FOR IPHONE 11 SERIES are for, right?

The back is a clear black polycarbonate with high-quality materials that promises the best protection.
  • Aliphatic coating for the crazy hue design
  • rubberish bumpers for damage control
  • TOP standard quality


SPIGEN has just a habit of adding ARMOR to every one of their cases’ names. Well, that’s justified by the quality of cases that they provide.

With a beautiful cross-pattern across the back of the device, so beautiful it gets into the best cool cases for the iPhone 11 series just on the basis of that.

The matte surface is grippy and does not allow for any unnecessary slippage of the device. This is rated for MIL-GRADE protection and is accompanied by the custom air cushion tech to be as protective of your phone as possible.

  •  mil-grade protection
  •  very light
  •  pocket-friendly and slim


You guys would be thinking that we are being biased towards SPIGEN, but that’s just how good the company is!

It has come up with a case, this time for the 11 PRO which combines the MIL-spec ratings with SPIGEN custom techs to provide the best case for just $18.

This time, however, SPIGEN has gone for a colorful approach giving a yellow color to part of the phone while the rest is dominated by black which in itself feels very classy!

  •  tactile buttons
  •  Certified [MIL-STD 810G-516.6] protection


For all those wondering why haven’t we picked a case with wallet compartments, it’s here and it sure is resourceful. It offers a sleek design and the compartment which is for credit cards as a very modern look to it.

This one is ultra-lightweight and offers airbags on the sides of the phones so that corner drops can be protected. After all the protective coating SMARTISH made sure that it gives you the option to charge your phone wirelessly as well.

[Offered in multiple colors including a camo color which makes your iPhone 11 PRO MAX stand out from the crowd!

  •  modern look
  •  camo color option
  •  ultra-lightweight


Another Mil-SPEC case has made the best cool cases for the iPhone 11 series  because it is well-deserved and when you want the best protection for your extremely expensive phone like the iPhone 11 PRO MAX, Defense Shield, just like the name, gives you the best shielding options!

The color is also unique and iridescent. Talking about features, well, Defense Shield can explain it the best: Integrated front-facing audio channel amplifies sound and redirects audio to the front of your iPhone 11 Pro Max for a better surround sound experience.

Soft bubble pattern rubber interior lining combined with a hard polycarbonate shell for protection absorbs and deflects shock when your iPhone 11 Pro Max experiences impact. Simple one-piece construction means no tools or screws required.

  • MIL-SPEC certified
  •  the audio channel allows for sound amplification
  •  raised lips for screen protection


The new fashion statement that SKYLMW is trying to make with their latest case for the iPhone 11 PRO will be turning more than a few heads.

It uses special materials to prevent scratches and the sides are equally protected to provide all-round protection that encompasses the display as well.

Having such complete protection is vital for all cases in the best cool cases for the iPhone 11 series list and SKYLMW nails it!

  •  sleek design
  •  lightweight
  •  sideways and front display protection

Final words:

Although SPIGEN dominated the list, some new entries were also quite competitive and to be honest every case gives its own vibes and it depends entirely on the consumer of which case is most attractive to them, considering the price and features. To make that easier, the best cool cases for the iPhone 11 series  list are at your disposal.

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