Google pixel 4xl lost from iPhone 11

Google pixel 4xl lost from iPhone 11

Two of the biggest flagship phone, iPhone 11 Pro Max and Google Pixel 4XL clashed together recently this year. In the comparison of a major test, recently done by PHONEBUFF, and as a result of Google Pixel 4xl lost to iPhone 11.

The former one recently launched back in October. After months of wait both of the leading companies, Google and Apple have released their masterpieces, both of them exceeding expectations in every way.

But we are not here to discuss how they are better than other phones, here we will discuss Google pixel 4xl lost to iPhone 11 and how iPhone 11 proved to be better than Google Pixel 4XL.

Both phones offer a huge variety of features, from iPhone 11’s improved processing to Pixel 4xl’s 90Hz display, each phone is better in its own way.

Pixel 4XL and iPhone 11, both are considered somewhat equals in terms of everything.But Google pixel 4xl lost to iPhone 11 and the latter seemed to win the war. But what was the thing that caused this mayhem? Why did Google pixel 4xl to lost to iPhone 11? The term is “Battery”.

After running different kinds of battery tests on both iPhone 11 and Pixel 4XL, iPhone 11 proved to be better. Pixel 4XL provides users with 3,700mAh battery whereas iPhone 11 provides a small 3,110mAh battery. Here we shall define the reasons for how Google pixel 4xl lost to iPhone 11.

You might be thinking that the numbers don’t add up. How did Google pixel 4xl lost to iPhone 11? How come iPhone 11 is better than Pixel 4XL even by having a smaller battery.

Simple, because of how iPhone 11 functions. iPhone 11 has the advantage of a smaller screen and lesser pixel display which allows lesser battery consumption.

Also, rumors say Apple batteries seem to be an efficient battery than what other companies offer. Whereas, because Pixel 4XL has its terms of the display is a beast, offering a 90Hz display but the fact remains that this new addition causes faster loss of battery. Moreover, iOS 13 has also played a role in providing better battery management.

The iPhone 11 and Pixel 4XL were put to tests like placing calls, going through social media, texting, and running games.

There’s not a huge difference between battery drainage in both but still, there is a difference. In Average, the Pixel 4XL seems to drain 3 to 4 bars of battery earlier than the iPhone 11 Pro.

The Pixel 4 XL’s battery lasts 7 hours and 43 minutes of screen time and 16 hours of standby. The iPhone 11, on the other hand, manages 8 hours and 43 minutes of screen time and the same 16 hours of standby. This is how Google pixel 4xl lost to iPhone 11.

So we came to the conclusion that iPhone 11 was better because it is obvious, the battery is the source of everything.

People require new and interesting features but what good are they if we can’t use them for a longer time. It is the basic necessity of a phone to have good battery timings and in this case, iPhone 11 left the Pixel 4XL behind.

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