Google Stadia-End of PlayStation, Xbox & Consoles?

google stadia

Google stadia is a service that might be able to become the future of gaming. Those of you who are addicted to playing games on consoles, PC or even smartphones will be shocked to hear this. Google has announced a streaming service (Google Stadia). It is rumored to allow everyone to access HD games on whatever device they are using. But it should be kept in mind that these are just demos. The final shape is still to come.

Google stadia wants to make games available to play on any device. You could start playing a game on your TV, then pick it up where you left off on your phone. But it is mandatory to have a fast internet connection. The google stadia would be much like Netflix so it is easy to say subscriptions will be in order.

Reason to launch Google Stadia:

The problem nowadays is that due to the so-called console war there are many games that can be accessed on one console but not on the other. For example; God of War 4 won the Game of the Year award 2018 but it is playable only on PS4.

Consoles such as PlayStations, Xbox 360 and Nintendo DS have sold hundreds of millions of units in which 45% of them were exclusives. Exclusive games mean content that is specifically created to be accessed on a specific console.

So that’s why Google has decided to design this service. Through Google Stadia gamers around the world may be able to access 4k games on devices that could support them.

Google stadia might not even require a graphics card to be installed on your PC or Laptop. You will play these games on Googles servers. It might seem like you are streaming a video on YouTube.

Supposed Concept to play on Stadia:

The concept of Google Stadia is a bit like this; you are watching gameplay of some game on YouTube and at the end of that video you will see a Play Now button. After clicking on it, you might possibly be able to access the same game on your device in just 5 seconds.

All of the game processing will be carried out on Google’s personal server. Like I’ve stated before, the main requirement would be an efficient and fast internet connection.

Basic Requirement:
To run any game on Google stadia you will need the following:

  •  Fast internet connection
  • Google stadia controller
  •  Any PC, Laptop or mobile
  •  No graphics card is required
  •  No any other console (PlayStation, Xbox, etc) is required.

Google Stadia Controller & Performance:

For the best experience, Google has launched a Stadia Controller. You just have to connect the controller to the Wi-Fi and let it do its job. The controller will then directly connect to Googles server. It would be able to decrease latency (delays) in your gameplay to allow a better experience.

Release Date:

At GDC 2019, Google hasn’t confirmed the exact date for Google stadia’s release. It may be expected to release in second half of 2019. Google will release stadia initially in the UK, Europe, USA, and Canada. In 2020, Google will be expected to extend it’s service in other regions too.

Expected Price:

Google hasn’t announced any point related to its price. But in my observations, it may cost from 15$-30$ per month. But keep in mind that Google has not announced any price yet.

My Final Words On Stadia:

The question is that “Will game developers allow Google to access their games?” Yet it depends on game developers that how they are going to respond on it. Demo runs have been carried out by Google at GDC, 2019. Still, if such a service is a success it might turn out to be the future of Gaming.

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