Xiaomi’s patent 4 sided edge display phone has turned heads

Xiaomi’s Patent 4 sided edge display phone

It’s been quite some time since mobile phone companies have been promising complete bezel-less phones but end up providing with no such phone yet. What we have got are phones with some extent of complete bezel-less screens. Xiaomi’s patent 4 sided edge display phone. This ended up turning many heads in the process.

The patent was unearthed by Let’s Go Digital. The patent describes a smartphone display that is curved on all sides. Imagine the curved sides of a Samsung Galaxy S9 on a larger scale.

“The news was leaked on February 8, 2019, and since then have tended to become a talk of the decade also turns out that the patent also attracted negative views.”

One of which is that there is no front camera to be seen on the phone. Rumors say that there would be a hidden camera embedded into the phone to make it complete bezel-less. As crazy as it sounds the leaked photos also seem to state the same thing.

To some, this is something extraordinary where to others its just referred to as the designer’s error. On the other hand, this patent is also referred to as impractical. Why? Because a 4 sided edge display phone would certainly be difficult to handle. It doesn’t matter how much bezel a phone screen reduces it is still necessary for the own protection of the phone.

Xiaomi’s Patent 4 sided edge display phone

And you guys may be thinking, Protection from what? The answers obvious, Screen Damage. In which case, it might be mandatory to have a protective cover attached to it at all times. Without a case, the smartphone would be easily broken with just a few drops, no matter how tough the glass might be.

However, rumors suggest that Xiaomi has made the patent claim so that other companies could not present it before they did. It might take quite some time before Xiaomi or any other companies are able to develop such 4 sided edge display phones. But when they do, there would be proof that Xiaomi was the first among all the big fishes out there to present this idea.
Let’s hope whatever they present, it would turn out to be one hell of a ride.

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