Is Huawei ban going to be the biggest loss to Google?

Is Huawei ban going to be the biggest loss to Google?

Just about a few weeks ago, one of the biggest smartphone sellers, Huawei, had to run into its biggest trouble yet. Since Huawei is a Chinese brand, an idiotic decision made by Donald Trump led to a ban to be placed on the Huawei company.

Why? Because D. Trump thought these phones may be used for spying. As of now, Huawei is prohibited to use Google’s own Android operating system. This led up to a major uproar in the industry as millions of Huawei users petitioned and basically, rioted against this decision but it was all in vain.

What’s the sitch?

As of now, Huawei released a statement saying they were preparing for such circumstances to arrive and were saving a trump card for this day. The Trump Card? Pun Intended! An OS of their own making which might be able to compete with Android itself.

Huawei had already filed a Trademark with China’s National Intellectual Property back in August 2018. Huawei stated that their OS would be able to run on both smartphones and Laptops. The OS would be able to run Android apps, just like Googles own Android OS.

Why is it important for Huawei to launch its OS as soon as possible? Because its users are under a dilemma of not being able to use Googles services in the near future.

What Might Happen?

Since Huawei is the second largest company with the most amount of sales, it is easy to state that whenever Huawei decides to launch its OS, Google will face a massive loss because the number of users Huawei has or has attracted in such brief amount of time.

The Huawei Users are anxiously awaiting for such major change to occur since it is the only way to unleash their anger on the US Government. If Huawei happens to launch its OS in the upcoming months and it turns out to be a success, Google will face loss not only because of Huawei’s actions but also other companies might tend to introduce their own operating systems, dealing a massive blow to Google.

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