Why most celebrities use iPhone or Apple Products?

Why most celebrities use iPhone or Apple Products

Apple is undoubtedly one of the best technology brands in this world. Its products are one of the most premium and expensive ones as compared to other electronic products in the markets.

Recently they have released iPhone Xs Max, which is the most expensive iPhone than other iPhones.

Talking about other products, Apple has iPods, Airpods, iMac, Macbook,earbuds,and Apple watchers. They all are designed elegantly with the flavor of the best features in it.

So here I will share a few reasons that are why most celebrities use iPhones other than any other smartphone.

Why most celebrities use iPhone: Privacy

why most celebrities use iPhone

One thing that Apple never compromised, is the privacy of your data. It never allows you to use your own SD card too. It always refrains from using your data with any other third party. It never allows you to download anything from websites into your iPhone.

Even though Apple uses the least amount of our data just for the sake of operating system purposes.

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Apple Operating systems in the form of iOS, Mac is one of the efficient and reliable operating systems in today’s date. Talking about android operating systems, they are not secure.

The reason is that it fails to handle third-party involvement in your smartphone operating system.

It is most easy to hack android based phones than any other iPhone device. The reason is still not clear. Although Google is working on its privacy issues and we can hope that it will come up with some great privacy measures.

Android phones do listen to your conversations and all, but the iPhone does not listen to any of your conversation or any information.

You will be a bit confused that how it is possible for a phone to listen to us. The answer is very shocking but yes, they do listen to us. Just like the webcams on our laptops are notorious in this case, so did the android phones are.

Let me give you an example. Most of us have experienced that if we are talking about any product or discussing that product with our friends or family members.

And after that whenever we use our social media(Facebook, Instagram, etc.). We usually see advertisements related to that product.

Yes, it may sound shocking to you but this is the truth. But iPhones have never allowed this. That is why celebrities trust iPhone more, so that their private information may not get leaked.

Why most celebrities use iPhone: Premium Devices

why most celebrities use iPhone

Apple has a habit to provide something premium to its customers. Whether it is their design, operating system, and vice versa. But they do impress customers with premium features and design. And once they introduce that, all other brands follow their designs.

Just like notch trend was introduced in iPhone X, all other smartphone companies released their devices with a notch.

Even though there are few smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S series that do have premium designs. But still, the iPhone holds the record of most premium devices.

I also have an iPhone Xs Max, and I spent most of the time just looking at it because of its premium design. Jokes apart iPhone satisfies our wish in terms of looks and features.

Why most celebrities use iPhone: Apple Ecosystem

why most celebrities use iPhone

To understand this let me give you an idea of what is an Apple ecosystem. For example, you have bought an iPhone, Apple Watch, Macbook, and Airports. When you are using all of these devices in your daily routine then you are in the Apple ecosystem.

It means that you are using Apple products that are synchronized and connected with each other. So in an Apple ecosystem, you can use its devices very easily.

Like if you are using Airports, it connects automatically with your iPhone. You can receive your calls on your MacBook if your iPhone is not near you. You can easily transfer your data like photos by just dragging from iPhone to Macbook.

If you are driving the car then you can receive your call on Apple watch. You can use features like Airdrop, Handoff, Synchronization, and vice versa, very efficiently.

So it means that all of your Apple devices provide you ease inside an Apple ecosystem. And to maintain all your devices in terms of any problem, you just go to a specific Apple service center.

Final Words:

“You don’t rush into different stores and services center for your phone, laptops, watch etc. My final words on this topic are that “Everyone has their own liking and disliking.

By reviewing this topic, I am not convincing any of you to buy Apple products and leave Android phones. I am just sharing my observations with you regarding our curiosity that why most celebrities and millionaires use Apple devices.

Although Apple lacks many features as compared to Android smartphones. But still, there are few reasons that convince anyone to rise up their budget to buy them.”

Do share your reviews in comments that whether you agree with me or not. Thanks.

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