Are fitness trackers safe to wear?


Fitness trackers are the electronic gadgets that are used to keep a record of various body activities and patterns of the sleep-wake cycle against nutrition. It can also record heartbeat patterns, temperature, calories burned, blood pressure, and many other body activities.

Fitness trackers are just like small watches that are tied to the body near organs. For example, fitness bands are worn on wrists to show the data in digital form that is easily perceivable by anybody.

How does this gadget work?

The fitness tracker records the body activity round the clock. After recording, the data is sent to the PC or smartphone to which the tracker is connected.

In this way, anybody can evaluate his body activity and manage his diet plan. It is also important for those who are suffering from any nutritional anomaly because an eye over the body activity may help them to control their health status.

Are Fitness trackers helpful?

These gadgets are proven really helpful for controlling one’s diet and health status. They are used worldwide and still, now they are considered efficient devices for controlling body activity. One can manage the count of body calories and its burn per exercise.

Also, the GPS system is installed in them that is really useful for its purpose to track visited locations. Some fitness trackers are also waterproof so they can also be used underwater. They can also be used while swimming.

Do fitness trackers have any disadvantages?

As every cloud has a silver lining, so these gadgets have few disadvantages too. The short frequency waves coming out of these electronic devices may cause serious damage to the vital organs especially the brain.

Also, it is burdensome to tie these devices on the body all the time and old people may feel uncomfortable with this. Moreover, prolonged exposure to electromagnetic waves may cause serious health problems.

These devices can also increase the risk of cancer among its users. But the positive side is that there is no major health issue has been reported by the use of fitness trackers.

How to use a fitness tracker?

The fitness tracker is needed to be bounded with the body so it must be used in a way that causes no harm to the body. For example,

  • The device must be tied away from the brain.
  • The fitness tracker must be tied in a way that its user can enjoy peaceful sleep without getting uncomfortable.
  • They must not be tied on the skin directly.

How to avoid exposure to electromagnetic waves?

Since prolonged exposure to the electromagnetic waves may cause serious harm to the body so avoiding these waves are the key to get ideal body activity evaluation. There are several ways by which wave exposure can be avoided. For example:

  • Insulation of fitness trackers can avoid radiation penetration in the environment.
  • Instead of establishing a continuous wireless connection with a PC or smartphone, you can evaluate the activity on a weekly or monthly basis by directly connecting your device with a PC or laptop after a week or month.

Popular Brands of Fitness trackers:

Fitbit, Apple, Samsung, Amazon, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc. are the brands that are popularly known for best fitness trackers.

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