Best plasma lighters to buy in 2024-Buyer’s Guide

Plasma lighters are eco-friendly. They are windproof lighters. Plasma lighters are rechargeable and portable. They can easily adjust to your other electronic gadgets. They are safe to use.

Along with the windproof feature, they are waterproof lighters also. The best thing is that they are butane-free lighters.

Best plasma lighters in 2020

Plasma lighters come in various designs. Nowadays most of the plasma lighters come with dual arcs inside them. Windproof lighters are easily useable in any weather condition.

The man had discovered fire due to accidental ignition. Since then the fire had become one of the main components in our lives. Initially, people used stones and wood for ignition. With the advancement in technology, match sticks were invented.

After then, flame lighters were invented which gained much popularity. And in since last decade, we had the most advanced ignition technology in the form of plasma lighters.

One of the biggest achievements is that the plasma lighter is a butane-free lighter. So, they are eco-friendly as per environmental aspects. So, I have chosen the best plasma lighters in 2024 as per your demand.

With a plasma lighter, you can burn cigarettes in one attempt. But for cigars, you have to do at least 2-3 attempts to light them up.

1.Oiikury Tesla Electric Plasma Touch Sensor lighter (Premium Lighter)

  • Weight: 70 (g)
  • Arc: Dual
  • Battery Life: 300-450 uses in full charge
  • Led Indicators: YES + Touch Sensor Button
Best plasma lighters in 2020


  • It is windproof
  • The touch panel is responsive and properly functional
  • Safe to use
  • Premium design
  • Battery backup is superb


It is not water-proof
Little bit expensive

This plasma lighter is premium in a few aspects that differentiate it from others. Before this, we have many other plasma lighters with touch sensors. But they failed to maintain their functionalities after a short time period.

Oiikury has focused on this issue and there it is. Its lid is small in size as compared to others in my list of best plasma lighters in 2024. There is a dual arc in it. There is a touch sensor instead of a physical button.

Its touch sensor is very responsive as it needs negligible effort in pressing it. It shuts off automatically after 10 seconds if you press the touch panel for a long.

This plasma lighter will not turn on until the lid is closed. Or if you accidentally touch it inside your pocket then it will not turn on either.

There are four LED battery indicators inside the panel. They will let you know about the charge level. And if we use them after one complete charge, they give a backup of a minimum of 300 uses and a maximum of 450 or maybe 500 sometimes.

This is a windproof lighter but unfortunately, it is not waterproof. There is a USB Type-A port for charging. It may take 1.5 to 2 hours to charge this completely and this all depends on the type of adapter that you are using. I will recommend you not to go for fast adapters for any plasma lighter until the company recommends any.

Why buy Oiikury Tesla Electric Plasma Touch Sensor lighter?

Their design is unique. they can light up candles easily. Their feel is premium. As they are not bulky so you can carry them easily. This windproof lighter can light up cigars and cigarettes easily. If you want something premium in your collection then you can buy this. It may cost a few bucks more than others but overall it is worthy.

2.The Explorer Waterproof Plasma lighter

  • Weight: 50 (g)
  • Arc: Dual
  • Battery Life: 150-350 uses in full charge
  • Led Indicators: No
Best plasma lighters in 2020


  • Rough and tough design
  • The camouflage variant is remarkable
  • Windproof and waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Lid locker adds more safety


There are no LED battery indicators
At least 500-600 times battery backup was expected

This plasma lighter is the best in my list of best plasma lighters in 2024. It is rough and tough. I really liked its camouflage variant. You can use it in any condition. its design is somehow similar to a grenade bomb. It looks like a grenade when it is closed. Its lid is wide.

There is a dual arc in it. There is a USB type A charging port beside the arc area. That is why it is completely waterproof. This Plasma lighter has been given an IP56 waterproof rating. It requires almost 2 hours to completely charge this plasma lighter. They can withstand a minimum of 150 and a maximum of 350 uses after one complete charge.

Its build quality is very solid. Although it looks like a heavy lighter it weighs very less.

Just like the charging port, there is a physical button beside the port which gets covered too when the lid is closed. the lid is tightly closed with the lid locker. You can hang this plasma lighter on your neck too. That’s why it is very easy to carry this anywhere you want to.

Unfortunately, there are no LED battery indicators to show battery levels. They can light up candles, cigarettes, and cigars easily. Although there is a little bit more effort required to burn cigars. For camping and hiking, they can be your long-lasting companion.

Why buy The Explorer Waterproof Plasma lighter?

It is mainly recommended for hikers and camping lovers. Although if you want to have a light but tough lighter then you can consider this also. You can gift this one to your military fellows also. Apart from all of these features, you can even use this to prank your friends on a “lighter” note.

3.RONXS Long Neck Plasma Lighter– (Flexible Lighter)

  • Weight: 140 (g)
  • Arc: Single
  • Battery Life: 300-500 uses in full charge
  • Led Indicators: YES
Best plasma lighters in 2020


  • A long neck that is flexible and rotatable
  • Battery backup is impressive
  • Separate Switch to turn on/off the ignition
  • Best kitchen lighter so far
  • Windproof and Lightweight


Single arc
Arc area remains uncovered all the time

I have added this lighter to my list of best plasma lighters in 2024 due to its extra utility than others. The reason to give the title of flexible lighter to this plasma lighter is due to its long tube-like neck. You can easily light up a tiny candle inside a long glass. You can easily ignite heaters, stoves, and bundles of sticks from a safe distance.

There are LED indicators to show the battery levels. There is an additional on/off button which adds extra safety to this plasma lighter. You can use a lighter by turning on that switch. There is a button on the lighter to start the ignition by clicking it. It automatically turns off even if you left the switch on.

The measurement of the neck is 4 inches and you can easily rotate it up to 360

There is a USB type A charging port provided underside of this lighter. Due to this reason, it is not completely waterproof. But the company claims that it is splash-proof which is somehow correct.

This is a windproof lighter. In one charge you can use it up to a minimum of 300 times and a maximum of 500 times. It hardly takes two hours to charge it completely.

Why buy RONXS Long Neck Plasma Lighter?

If you want to buy a lighter for the kitchen, BBQ, or any outdoor cooking then you must go for it. Its single arc is enough to give a much-needed ignition. To be honest I will never recommend you buy this for cigarettes or cigars because that will look awkward. Moreover, cigars will not be able to light up completely from this plasma lighter. Overall it plays the best role as a kitchen lighter.

4.Lcfun Windproof Plasma Lighter (Best Budget Lighter)

  • Weight: 85 (g)
  • Arc: Dual
  • Battery Life: 100-300 uses in full charge
  • Led Indicators: YES
Best plasma lighters in 2020


  • Low cost
  • LED battery indicators
  • Windproof and lightweight
  • The hands-on feel is very impressive
  • Battery backup is good


Arc area is not placed well
It is not waterproof

this windproof lighter is the lowest in the budget for my list of best plasma lighters in 2024. There are many other options too when we go into low-budget products. But as far as it proves its quality within a reasonable price. Its design is simple and attractive.

It has many variants but I personally liked the black one. This plasma lighter comes with a dual arc. There is a button to turn on/off its ignition. The best thing is that it has LED indicators to show battery levels. It is very lightweight.
There is another variant of it that comes with a touch panel instead of a button, but there have been many issues with that one.

It is a windproof lighter. It has a USB type A charging port underside. This plasma lighter takes one and a half hours to charge completely. It can be used a minimum of 100 times and a maximum of 300 times after one complete charge.

Talking about the position of the arc, it is something to consider. Actually, there is a chance that you may touch its arc area accidentally. But it will not turn on until you press the button. Unfortunately, it is not waterproof but it can withstand splashes.

Why buy Lcfun Windproof Plasma Lighter?

If you are looking for a plasma lighter within a lower budget then this is for you. You can enjoy its feel as it is having a very good feel in your hands. This windproof lighter can light up cigarettes easily. Like many others, you have to put some extra effort to burn cigars. Overall this plasma lighter has the potential to become your best choice in low budget series.

5.Scotte Plasma Lighter and LED Flashlight (The Allrounder King)

  • Weight: 53 (g)
  • Arc: Dual
  • Battery Life: 150-300 uses in full charge
  • Led Indicators: No
Best plasma lighters in 2020


  • Super lightweight
  • With LED flashlight
  • Windproof and waterproof
  • Rough and tough design
  • Enhanced safety with lid locker
  • Amazing battery backup


There are no LED battery level indicators
You cannot use a lighter and flashlight simultaneously (at the same time)

It is the All-rounder in my list of best plasma lighters in 2024. It is not just a lighter but it is an LED flashlight too. It has a cylindrical body and it is small in size. This plasma lighter is very lightweight. it comes with a dual arc. It has a compact design.

There is a USB type A charging port beside the arc area. The lid can be closed tightly with a lid locker That is why it is waterproof. There is one button to turn on/off the lighter and flashlight too.

You can use a flashlight when the lid is closed. By pressing the button, you can get dual light modes; normal lighting mode and flashlight mode.

It takes almost 2 hours to charge this plasma lighter. In one complete charge, you can use this for a minimum of 150 times and a maximum of 300 times. And if you only want to use its flashlight then it can give you a backup of 3 to 4 hours in one complete charge. Overall if you want to use both of these features then it will provide you a sufficient backup.

Why buy Scott Plasma Lighter and LED Flashlight?

Its build quality is very strong. It can handle shocks easily. This windproof lighter can be hung in the neck. It is very useful for adventurers, hikers, and camping lovers. This plasma lighter is very closely related to The Explorer lighter in terms of its build quality.

But if you desire an LED Flashlight within a lighter then you can choose this. You certainly have to compromise a little bit on battery backup with this plasma lighter. You can light up candles, cigarettes, and cigars. Overall it is a dual-purpose lighter within a reasonable price range.

Buying Guide:

As you have seen that my list of best plasma lighters in 2024 is completely based on an easy buying guide so that you shouldn’t get confused. Here are a few tips to follow while buying.

  • Design: You have to look for a design that you like the most. If the design is not a consideration then do prefer a good build quality at least.
  • Battery Backup: Choose those plasma lighters with more battery backup. As the battery is the main key in all of this process.
  • Switch/Physical Button: Try to go for plasma lighters with power off/on buttons. Avoid buying windproof lighters with touch panels unless recommended by any regular user.
  • LED indicators: Look for those plasma lighters which come with LED battery indicators, but if not available then it’s not a big deal.
  • Electric ARCs: On the basis of arcs, there are three types till now. Single, dual, and triple arc. Try to avoid single-arc plasma lighters until it fulfills your basic requirement. Dual arc lighters are more usable than triple arc lighters and dual arc lighters are not expensive. Triple arc lighters are usually expensive.

Safety Guide:

Here are some important tips to remember while using plasma lighters.

  • Avoid overcharge: You must be careful while charging them. As excess of everything is bad. So, try to avoid overcharging in order to get a healthy backup and safe usage too.
  • Don’t Touch Arc: Never touch the arc while the light is turned on. as it may harm you but it is not fatal.
  • Protect from kids: Place them away from the reach of kids. Although there are multiple safety features in them that avoid any harmful accident, prevention is far better than cure.
  • Avoid Short-circuit: If the company hasn’t been informed about water resistance then avoid any contact with water. Otherwise, it may lead to a short circuit.
Final Conclusion:

I hope that my list of the best plasma lighters in 2024 helped you in making your final decision. I must recommend you buy any one of them or any other as per your choice. This can be one step forward towards an eco-friendly world. We seriously need to reduce any sort of pollution either in the form of butane flames, gases, plastics, match sticks from wood vice versa.

Plasma lighters are easily rechargeable so you can use them for a long period of time without having any issue. One thing that I have to say that be calm, patient and kind towards every problem that happens in your life. Never panic in any problem, just face it and fight it. Thanks.

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