TOP 10 COOL ELECTRONIC KITCHEN GADGETS OF 2020The kitchen lifestyle has been drastically changed over the past decade with everything progressing at an alarming rate and the list of the top 10 cool electronic kitchen gadgets of 2024 is getting more and more difficult to compile.

However, we have done so and it doesn’t look half bad! These top 10 cool electronic kitchen gadgets of 2024 are not just some expensive buys that are worthy of your attention and your money with unique features that would give your kitchen lifestyle a definite upgrade, that’s why they are the top 10 cool electronic kitchen gadgets of 2024.

The gadgets in this list range from newcomers to upgrades of low performers making them even better and some products that are just too cool to pass for a certain list of top 10 cool electronic kitchen gadgets of 2024.

These top 10 cool electronic kitchen gadgets of 2024 might leave you drooling for them so don’t say that you weren’t warned! To put it straight, these top 10 cool electronic kitchen gadgets of 2024 is going to completely revolutionize your cooking experience and leave you wondering what you were doing without them.


Air fryers are the new kids in time and it is time that you checked one of them and not just any of them, specifically the one from COSORI.

A rating of 5 stars from over 1200 buyers is evidence of how this makes it a perfect fit for our list of top 10 cool electronic kitchen gadgets of 2024.

This fryer will assist you from making the best French fries to delicious chicken wings to all the 100 recipes that are part of the cookbook that you get with it. It is a complete package that does come at a price of $100 but considering its performance, it’s well worth it!

  •  Sleek and stylish design
  •  works for a variety of recipes
  •  useful add-on with the cookbook
  • TOO PRICEY AT $120


Who would have thought we would be adding a blender, one of the boring mono-purpose kitchen gadgets to the list of top 10 cool electronic kitchen gadgets of 2024, but here we are with one of the coolest blenders on the market.

A powerful blender is the basic requirement for blenders and it works way better than expected with ample quantity makes an even worthier choice.

‘The sleek, black look would blend in with almost any kitchen and its performance is going to be the cherry on top for all the buyers. With rave reviews from users, it is dishwasher safe and BPA free, and adding two cups with to-go lids just makes it one, big, sweet deal.

  • Dishwasher and BPA free
  •  Add-ons include two portable Cups
  •  powerful blender
  • A little expensive for the price


Making everything smart these days is a new trend which is making it very easy to rely on voice assistants to get your job done and thus makes it a deserved spot in the top 10 cool electronic kitchen gadgets of 2024 list.

Amazon, with Alexa, took the world by storm and got Google on their heels and blew Siri out of the water.

Now that Alexa is such an integrated part of Amazon’s ecosystem, it is only suitable to add it to a smart microwave! Yes, that’s right! Now you can control your microwave with Alexa commands which means more multitasking and getting more work done with assistants.

This microwave, although a boring design, does a lot of things right and makes everything straightforward. Having the microwave work on simple commands is just another level of comfort that Amazon aims to offer you at a competitive price of $60!

  • Aggressive pricing makes it an attractive option
  •  Compatible with Alexa
  •  Straightforward and not complicated
  • Boring, dull design


Cosori is one name you will be and already have been reading too much in the case of top 10 cool electronic kitchen gadgets of 2024, and deservedly so, the company has been in the crosshairs for quite some time and has mastered the art of satisfying customers with the best products.

This time it is an electric kettle! Although the simplest of jobs, Cosori’s kettle has something classy about its execution with the device and the easy usage of the kettle enables extremely positive reviews.

Quick Boil and automatic shutoff are just the right kind of features that one would need in the case of a kettle and Cosori wants its customers satisfied completely which shows when we see the Cosori.

  •  Quick Boil
  •  Automatic Shutoff
  •  Decent Capacity
  • The design could have been better, too simple
  •  Expensive compared to other kettles


Don’t get intimidated by that long name, but be sure to check this espresso machine out because after reading this you would be wanting to take it for a spin.

For those of you who don’t know, the company has a bigger version of this machine and after listening to people complain about its size, the company has decided to make a compact version, which is this one.

This alone makes it worthy of a mention in our top 10 cool electronic kitchen gadgets of 2024 list. This elevated coffee machine is perfected by Nespresso and when it delivers the perfect kind of frothiness to your morning coffees, you are going to be more than grateful.

Not the best of designs for a coffee maker, but the performance that it delivers is the perfect kind and it knows the way you would like your cappuccinos.

  • Extremely compact
  •  Makes the best kind of Cappuccinos, the Frothy ones
  •  Has a separate Milk frother
  • At $150, it is a little too much on the luxurious side
  • The design is shabby


How can a list of the top 10 cool electronic kitchen gadgets of 2024 be complete without a waffle maker? Waffles are the best kind of Sunday breakfasts and for that, you would need the perfect Waffle maker to make it even more perfect.

This is a very cute, small waffle maker which does more than it is asked, and this is a good thing.

Extremely fast, this will make you waffles, paninis, hash browns, and even pizzas. The nonstick surface allows for the carefree making of waffles and with cool hues to choose from like mint, pink, red and copper and you get why people rate it so highly. Adding it all up, and the cost is just $21, you will have spent your money the right way!

  • Small dimensions
  •  Cheap
  •  Flexible in making waffles and paninis and pizzas
  •  nonstick surface
  •  Fun hues to choose from
  • Design-wise not that Kitchen-friendly


What’s common about the top 10 cool electronic kitchen gadgets of 2024 is the fact that in some way or another they are smarter than your conventional kitchen tools.

Same is the case with Breville’s new smart oven which has the features that you won’t want to miss out on!

Starting off, it has smart heat which actually transfers heat uniformly to the entirety of the food making it perfectly cooked every single time!

Additionally, it has 8 separate cooking functions with preset defaults which enable you to find the perfect temperature to cook anything you want, whether it a bagel, bake, roast, broil or pizza, it can even be cookies! The room inside the oven is not that spacious but it can accommodate a 12-inch pizza or a 6cup muffin tray.

For easier viewing Breville has installed a backlit easy to view LCD which shows the exact temperature and the non-stick coating on the walls make for easy cleaning after all the cooking that you can do

  • A Variety of cooking options to choose from
  •  the nonstick coating can be really handy while cleaning
  •  the smart heating function makes for a very perfectly roasted or cooked dish
  • Capacity is not enough
  • a tad too expensive at $229


A sleek-looking ice-cream maker with ample space, available in colors like red and silver, and you have yourself a worthy contender for the top 10 cool electronic kitchen gadgets of 2024.

It’s easy to use and you won’t be swirling your head around trying to figure out what this does, because it is pretty simple and straightforward. This ice-cream maker simply makes ice-creams, and well, sorbets too!

Fun for making all sorts of desserts and can settle the diet-friendly functions so that you have just the desert you want and just the desert you should be having. Retailing at $50 is not that bad for something that is just going to add to the finesse of your kitchen!

  •  Variety of colors available
  •  easy to use
  •  cheaper than alternatives
  • A little bulky which might consume more space in the kitchen


So now we have electric knives too! Although it sounds a bit dangerous that’s because this includes knives, but making it electronic solves a lot of problems that everyday knives have.

This one from Cusinart is in our list of top 10 cool electronic kitchen gadgets of 2024 because of how accurate and precise it is. It makes up for ergonomic cutting, whether it is chicken or meat.

Additionally, the blades are dishwasher safe which means for easy cleaning. The stainless steel blades are something to show-off, to be honest. A simple on-off operation is what is required from the knife and it delivers!

  •  Easy to use
  • Powerful
  • Stainless steel
  • dishwasher safe
  • Can be dangerous if not operated properly


Egg cookers are becoming a norm and for good reason too. Being able to place eggs in the cooker, set the water level according to the kind of eggs you want, soft, medium or hard, and voila! in 7 minutes or less, you have yourselves the perfect eggs.

So what If you forgot that you had the machine on, well no worries it turns itself off!

Being able to rely on a machine for the perfect kind of eggs while you go and get ready for work is a new level of satisfaction because by the time you are done, you have yourself the perfect eggs and this is enough to be considered for the top 10 cool electronic kitchen gadgets of 2024.

  •  Works fast: in 7 minutes or less
  •  Cheap at just $18
  •  Turns off by itself
  •  several water settings for the kind of eggs you want
  • Capacity is less: only 6.

Final thoughts/Conclusion:

So here it is! The list for the top 10 cool electronic kitchen gadgets of 2024 and you have to say, the type of gadgets that we now have in the kitchen, it is just amazing to see such advancements made to make our lives easier ever so slightly, making all the difference, though saving time.

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