Top 5 cheap and useful daily gadgets

Technology is getting advanced every minute now, which tends to result in a variety of inventions and innovations. Some of these inventions include pretty intriguing gadgets of which you are unaware of.

Gadgets have now become a common necessity for every third person. People are using different kinds of gadgets to fulfill their needs or make life easy. Here, we shall list out Top 5 cheap and useful daily gadgets

Top 5 cheap and useful daily gadgets: Buddy Selfie Flash

Top 5 cheap and useful daily gadgets

Missing out the action in dark? Not able to take good selfies due to no flash in your smartphone? Buddy Flash should be one of your first gadgets to look for. It allows you to capture good photos even in darkness.

It consists of 16 LED bulbs and is to be inserted in the headphone jack. The intensity of the LED lights is enough to magically light up your selfie.

The device is highly portable and should be the first choice for selfie lovers. It also offers a rechargeable battery, allowing no consummation of your smartphone battery. All of this in such a short amount? It’s worth taking a shot.

Portronics POR 343 UFO Home Charger

Top 5 cheap and useful daily gadgets
Tired of waiting for your turn to use the only available smartphone charger at your home? Portronics POR 343 UFO home charger is the best thing for you.

It is basically a USB hub that allows different devices to be connected to it at the same time.

It consists of 6 USB ports allowing the same number of devices to be connected to it. It provides USB charging and portability allowing it to be carried around anytime and anywhere.

Whilst connected with a charger providing a suitable amount of voltage, POR 343 is considered a literal bomb. Its merits include portability, multiple connectivities, and an ensured warranty.

Top 5 cheap and useful daily gadgets: USB LED Light for Laptop

Top 5 cheap and useful daily gadgetsUnable to work on a Laptop in low light? A USB LED light should be on the top of your compulsory things to buy list. This allows you to be able to type even in darkness.

A USB connector is attached to the end of this light allowing it to directly connect with your laptop or with your power.It can also be used as a torchlight or a table lamp so yeah it isn’t only made for working on your laptop. Its best merit is that it is cost-efficient

Top 5 cheap and useful daily gadgets: Nilkin Magic Disk 2

Top 5 cheap and useful daily gadgets

Exhausted of always carrying around your charging cable with caution? Well, now you shouldn’t worry too much.

Nilkin Magic Disk 2 allows you to charge your mobile without having some kind of wire.

It is a kind of a wireless charger talk station which allows you to charge your smartphones by placing them on its pads and they will start charging automatically.

It is rather eye-catching but besides it beauty it also allows heavy battery life phones to be charged easily. It is efficient in all manners.

Philips HUE 10W E274

Top 5 cheap and useful daily gadgets Mood swings are part of every person’s life. Wanna give those times some change of color?

Philips Hue bulbs will help brighten up your life with their smart and soothing color tunes.

These smart LED bulbs not only make the environment in your home more fresh and beautiful but also shine tons of different colors upon you.

You can easily connect it with the Philips Led bulb app on your smartphone to have easy and direct access to it.

Well, there you have it. Our best recommendations for the top 5 must-have gadgets. All of the above-mentioned gadgets are worthy of a try not because they are cost-efficient but because they all provide some unique set of functionalities. So don’t waste your time and start shopping.

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